Sales + Marketing Event Professional I Entrepreneurial Attitude I Creative Thinker I Collaborator I Hunter Mentality I Naturally Curious I Optimist


I’m a hardworking and driven event professional with experience developing new event ideas, content, campaigns, and projects from initial concept through to activation. I am confident in my ability to succeed and make a measurable impact with my “can do” attitude. Naturally curious, always keen to learn more, a confident problem-solver, and my creative thinking often brings a fresh perspective, yet I’m open to considering the wider view.


I get excited by how our ideas can inspire positive action, the change possible when people who share the same values work together. I believe in a world where we can do better, a world with more colourful ideas from diverse thinking cultures.


My interests include Regenerative Business practice, the B Corp movement, Doughnut Economics, Tech for Good, Diversity & Belonging, Neurodiversity, and companies who want to make a positive impact on people and our planet.